i love color. and then sometimes i don’t.

was playing around in the studio this weekend and the results are below. lately i’m into these more subtle colors…

and i seem to have noticed a trend (pink and blue…i guess i can’t help it).







and then i dropped off the face of the earth again (sorta) because, well we had more babies. yes, plural, because surprise – surprise (and we were) there were two. twins. Decker and Shae entered the world via Mexico City on July 31, 2015. that brings our clan to a grand total of 5 – 4 years old and under. i’d like to formally introduce you below to Decker and Shae and i’d also formally like to declare we are done. i mean done. done and done. blessed and did i mention done? 5 in 4 years is not for the faint of heart and yet we are loving it (90% of the time – that other 10% well, you can read all the 5,000 parenting blogs to figure that one out).

so how does this relate to art? these babies are almost 6 months and i have started taking commissions again. i accepted some for Christmas and have several lined up already this year. however, the last 6 months i’ve been keeping it light around here in terms of art because well – no sleep and see 5 children 4 years old and under above. need i say more?

babies. art coming at you SOON. and i mean it.

Jana Newborn Twins-38


one of the most important people in my life was named Jack.  he lived with our family for over 12 years until his passing.  we loved him and his crazy, sweet ways.  he was a football fanatic, loved castles, C-SPAN, the Pope, and Santa Claus (not sure who won out in his mind- the Pope or Santa).  he also had a thing for ladies…but i must say – i’m pretty sure i was one of his favorite ladies. and well, and he was one of my favorite gents.


when he first started living with us i was in the eighth grade and i wanted NOTHING to do with him. i couldn’t even imagine why my parents would want to give him a home in our home. i didn’t know him – or what it meant to have downs syndrome – and i didn’t want to know. after all, i was a cool eighth grader (at least i thought so) and i thought this whole situation was very uncool. until things started to change… his hugs, his laugh, his walk, his smile, his way of speaking to us.  he was largely nonverbal so we did some sign language with him but mostly we just started to understand “jack language.”


over time, he changed me, my friends, and the community at large. he made everyone happier when he was around. he came to almost all my sports games in 8th grade, high school and college – and LOVED watching them , especially because he knew “the girl” (as he referred to me) was playing somewhere on that field.  i remember once he walked through the “cheerleading” lines during a basketball game in high school and all the cheerleaders gave him high fives. he was sort of a celebrity. when i would come home from college to visit the fam, he would run to me with arms wide open, i would hug him as hard as i could, and he would lift his legs off the ground so that i was carrying him (and he was no small dude).  i have to say having him so excited to see me was one of the best feelings in the world. nobody gave me a greeting like jack.


it was an extreme loss for our family when jack passed. he was on the older side for a person with downs. some folks from his agency thought he lived a lot longer than he should have because he loved our family so much. but here’s the thing – we loved him just as much. i can’t even type this without tearing up because i miss him so much. if i could just have one more jack hug again…

he was my “bud”.


so all this to say…when a friend from virginia asked if i’d donate a piece of art in support of an event benefiting the non-profit 99 balloons, i was all about it. 99 balloons was founded in 2007 by two young parents to help children with special needs and their parents.  99 balloons refers to what was released at the funeral of their special needs son, with each balloon representing a day he spent on this earth — his life sparked in them a passion to to start the organization.  check out www.99balloons.org for more.   their rEcess initiative is pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.54.58 PM

the event is tonight, and holy moly i wish i could go.  check out the invitation–my friend did a great job organizing it (love the invite).  anyway, i donated a piece that i’d kept in my studio because i liked it so much.  bright.  lively.  just like Jack.


if you haven’t noticed, i paint trees.  that’s because i like trees.  shapes, colors, shading, depth, movement…you get it.  give me a grove of trees, and i’m a happy woman.  or flowers.  or plants.  and so on.  nature is rich like that.  but especially trees. maybe this all stems from my NH roots (pun intended people).

it’s also impossible for me to turn off what i call “drinkin’ in the scenery.”  comes with the territory of being an artist/visual person.  buildings, colors, what people are wearing, cracks in the sidewalk — my husband at times has to wave his hand in front of my face when i stop talking, mid-sentence, and stare at something that caught my eye.

and, of course, trees. well, check out this doozy of an awesome tree.  walked by it last week downtown.  i was speechless.  i mean, it looks like Edward Scissorhands bumped into a flower marker, right? beautiful!



enter second trimester – enter embassy health unit – enter mural. what a fun project. i’ve been painting on silk for so long that i havn’t done much illustration in the past few years. so it was so fun to do something different. and remember that i actually could illustrate – heck, in my former life i was this close (i am putting my fingers together with a fantastic Italian expression) to being a fashion illustrator (yes, i know. my “fashion” these days consist of stained clothes but i think i once was “fashionable.” one of these days will have to post some of my fashion sketches…again, it feels like a life time ago).

but here’s the thing…once an artist – always an artist. i used to teach art and people would ask me what my “specialty” was and i would say…well, everything and nothing. because i wasn’t GREAT at anything but was good at everything. then i found silk…and well, magic happened, sparks flew, you get it.

regardless, it’s a nice change of pace to once and awhile do something different, to go back to doing something you used to do. i’ve painted murals before…and they are fun. super time consuming, but fun. and this came at the perfect time…in a cool place.

and a big shout out to hubs…who came down on his lunch breaks and has a FANTASTIC eye – so I had some one to chit chat with about all of this. he’s multi-talented like that (one of the MANY reasons i married him!).

i LOVE how it turned out. and that’s a good thing because i have a feeling we will be spending A LOT of time in there.   finished pics below—i’ll post one with the room put back together the next time i’m down there (which i hope isn’t for a long time!)







the doc and i talked ideas/concepts – i sent her a picture of the wallpaper below (from minakani lab) – to WHICH I LOVE and want ALL OVER MY HOUSE (but is a bit outside my price range) and told her…i think we should use this as inspiration. she was all YES YES YES! that style is sophisticated but fun but cool….she liked it. which i was thrilled about.

animal wallpaper

i am not a machine. machines make wallpaper. i am human. i make paintings (and murals). so we decided on a “story” of sorts – with animals, flowers, insects, sea life, trees that represented both the US and Mexico. so if parents get bored in there, they can look to find the deeper meaning in the images. or they can just point out different animals to their kids and be in a happy place while they wait for the doc.

i had to free hand the drawing/design in the entire room because there were so many “elements” to work around and build into the design. i.e. that ear thing pictured below (that’s the technical word for it, i’m sure). a paper towel holder. a bunch of shelves. you get it. so i sketched around all these “elements” so the design would make sense in the context of the room. sketches (hard to see) are below. then i added dots and lines. then animals, trees, bumblebees, and the beginnings of mariposas (that’s spanish for butterflies…i love how the word sounds).

hard to see...but sketches of all the plants and animals.

color highlights 1




most of you know that we are part of the embassy community here in Mexico City, and with that comes the benefit of utilizing their health unit…WHENEVER WE NEED THEM! and since i am the mother of three – soon to be five (holy smokes) small children, we frequent the joint.

so one day we are in the peds room (pediatric for those who don’t know the lingo), and the doc comes in. we start chit chatting, small talk and all. she finds out i’m an artist…next thing she says, “can you paint a mural” my answer, “yes” she continues, “in here” again, my answer, “yes”. well then, it was settled.

then we all found out i am pregnant (again) and then with twins (can’t say “again” here!). to which i emailed her and was like…”if you want that room painted, i have a window…it’s called second trimester and at the beginning preferably because this here belly is going to get huge!”

pics of the embassy below…just setting the context, folks.  the embassy is not in the Sheraton – it’s the white marble building on the far right.  oh, and there can be protests/concerts/parties…it’s a happening location.



angel opposite direction

view in the opposite direction of the embassy. statute is the angel of independence.  street is paseo de la reforma…muy famoso.


Remember the artist challenge? If you follow me at all on FB then you do…because it has been one of the only things I have posted about since the babies have taken over my belly (yes, babies as in plural, as in two, as in twins…that’s my official jana lamberti baby announcement – so there). A couple weeks ago (maybe a month ago…I have no idea) I finally got around to nominating someone and then last week she finally got around to posting (us artist are good like that…as in time is all relative). I couldn’t think of anyone more talented than my friend Nicole Bourgea. We met in DC a few years back.  The first time I saw one of her paintings I was all…yep…these are beautiful and then to come and find out…so is she! I’ve had an artist crush ever since. I’ve included a few of her paintings below–she blogs at I Hate to Alarm You...go check it out.

friends ENJOY her work because it is BEAUTIFUL!


Day 5/5 of the artist challenge. Thought I’d focus on my seascapes today. Some inspired by the NH coastline where I was raised. And currently am working on a commission similar to one below.

jana lamberti original silk art nh seaside 1 (800x789)

jana lamberti original silk art nh seaside 2 (800x760)

jana lamberti original silk art nh seaside 3 (794x800)

Day 4/5 of the artist challenge. Today is all about my abstract pieces. And a little fun fact – I actually enjoy creating abstracts the most. Thanks for taking a peak!

jana lamberti silk art abstract i (599x800)

jana lamberti silk art abstract ii (769x800)

jana lamberti silk art abstract v (793x800)

Day 3/5 of the artist challenge. Today’s 3 are part of my purpure series.  My 3.5yr old daughter refers to the painting on the bottom as “the flower pancake” painting. I kinda like it.  Now…who to nominate?!?!?!

jana lamberti silk art purpure coalesce (800x800)

jana lamberti silk art purpure nebula i (795x800)

jana lamberti silk art purpure blossom i (800x752)

Day 2/5 of the artist challenge. The works below are part of my azure series.  Inspired by – well, you guessed it – water.

jana lamberti silk art azure iv (794x800)

jana lamberti silk art azure ii (789x800)

jana lamberti silk art azure vi (763x800)

Day 1/5 of the artist challenge. My talented friend, Amy Sullivan nominated me to post 3 of my paintings for 5 days. I didn’t even know this was a challenge going around…but looking forward to it. First three paintings are part of my tree series.

11 jana lamberti silk art trees (800x329)

3 Jana Lamberti Silk Art Trees III (840x600)

10 jana lamberti silk art trees x (800x446)

what’s the hippo for all you non-NH citizens? the hippo is a widely-circulated news and lifestyle paper in New Hampshire.  they recently ran an article featuring me and my vermillion series show at Sullivan Framing and Fine Art Gallery.  local girl moves to Mexico City, paints cool art, art comes back to NH.  it’s a great read.  thanks to Kelly Sennott of the Hippo for some great emails and convos over (and patience with) Skype to tell this story.

if you open this:

Hippo Cover_upload

you’ll find this:

Hippo Article_to upload


and if you haven’t gotten enough on me, Goffstown, Mexico City, and my art from the article, i’ve included a bit more, in artist-ese language:

Jana’s upbringing in Goffstown initiated and shaped her roots in and love of the arts.  Playing for hours in the woods behind Sully’s Superette–she moved into a house on Second Ave when she was three—first imprinted on her the love of nature that runs through her work (one of her favorite and most popular series is entitled “Trees”).  The walls and ceilings of her parents’ Mast St. house were her first canvas for exploring and expressing her nascent creative impulse—the clouds she painted in 8th grade still adorn the ceiling of her childhood bedroom.  Her teachers in the Goffstown Area High School’s rich Art Department proved vital in guiding and forming this fledgling artist, who took as many art classes as were available.  Jana considers Goffstown High’s Mrs. Ava-Lynn Lane to be her first artistic mentor, and still speaks with deep admiration of Mrs. Lane’s instruction and encouragement during Jana’s time as an art honors student.  Jana graduated from Goffstown in 1999, and currently lives in Mexico City with her husband and three children.  Mrs. Ava-Lynn Lane continues teaching at Goffstown High, Jana’s parents continue living on Mast St, and Jana and her family return to Goffstown for as many Pumpkin Festivals as possible.


do you all remember the seascape series i did last year for a gallery in New Hampshire?  Amy Sullivan of Sullivan Framing and Fine Art Gallery asked if i’d be their featured artist for the month of January.  i said great, i just finished a new series that would be perfect.  the series is called vermillion.  here’s a bit about the inspiration in my more formal artist-ese language.

the series combines two primary sources of inspiration.  the first is nature, specifically, the sea.  I find deeply compelling the interplay and dynamism between sky and sea, between water and land, between light and liquid—this fascination began in my childhood visits to the New Hampshire seacoast.  the shifting hues and forms endlessly inspire me, and are reflected and refracted in my work.  the second is the vibrant new color palette i’ve encountered having moved to Mexico City this summer.  from the soft yellow wall outside my studio window to my orange meringue house, from the assorted bright chilies in the market to vivid colors on my daughters’ indigenously designed dresses, i’ve lived a feast for the eyes in my short time here.  for this, my first series in Mexico, i thought i’d revel in this entirely new and different palette.

so if you’re in the NH area, go check it out!  it’ll be up through the end of the month.

gallery view

Vermillion 2, 800w

Vermillion 1, 800w

Vermillion 4, 800h

Vermillion 7, 800w





one of my LEAST favorite things about painting is…changing out the water. seems ridiculous, i know. but once i start…i start, and i can’t stop and i don’t want to move in any direction other than side to side in my studio.  the sink is a whopping five steps away.  its ironic because on a good morning i go to the gym just to walk…sometimes even run (when the stars align) that. but to walk those five steps in the midst of painting…no thank you.   my husband says i do this with electronics and power cords as well (let them die because i don’t want to walk 2 ft to plug said electronic in) but i digress.

i think i fear my muse will flee if i change the water out.  changing water means i need to stop. stop painting. stop my creative process. stop something i don’t want to stop.  so i don’t.  then i get annoyed. and, at times, ruin what i’m doing because I NEED CLEAN WATER. so could someone please solve this problem for me? because i’m at a loss.

these babies below–painted in the company of CLEAN water–are a bit more of a sneak peak for my january show at a NH gallery.  but that’s another blog post for another day (soon)…

for now… i hope you enjoy the pics (and solve my water problem because it annoys me) ;)


Vermillion 1, 800w


Vermillion 6, 800h











After I graduated from design school, I went on a total art hiatus.  we’re not talking for a few weeks – we’re talking for a few years. it was horrible. both the pressure of design school and the hiatus. i studied clothing design – and came out with a degree and a deflated sense of the clothing industry. everyone copies everyone else and it killed my creative spirit. somewhere along the way I lost the reasons why I love/ed to create.  enter Masters Degree 5 years later.  i have an MEd in Arts & Learning: in layman’s terms, the degree is basically in creative ways of educating people – it’s a cross between art education and art therapy.

going back to school for this degree was the best therapy for me…i mean the best decision i ever made. it completely freed up my creative process. I learned to create without boundaries, without expectations of others, without failure and, at some level, without grades. after I started that program I began creating without boundaries – without judging myself along the way (well, sometimes…once a critic always a critic…especially of yourself). but I was creating…and fear of failure – or of creating a piece of crap – didn’t seize me any longer. frankly, it actually happens ALL. THE. TIME. but instead of that keeping me down and inhibiting me from creating – it just sorta is what is it and then I move on. its a learning experience.  or the crap, in time, becomes something beautiful.

soon I hope to blog about the properties of silk and how it’s the absolute best and worst medium for dealing with failure. sometimes it’s forgiving….most of the time it’s not.  the old jana would hate it.  the new jana loves it.

sneak peak at my new collection below. will be up in a gallery in NH – as i am the featured artist – for the month of January:
jana lamberti blog post nh gallery 1


jana lamberti blog post nh gallery 3


it was the summer before 8th grade. i was 13 years old. my parents, god bless them, let me do whatever i wanted to my room – as far as paint goes.

i painted a gigantic tree on one door. i painted the floors, the closet. and i painted my ceiling – clouds. i still remember my mom coming up the stairs and saying, “hey, jan how’s it going?” my response ” mom, see that cloud outside – that’s this one right here.” i think i thought i was michelangelo or something. regardless – this was the start of something. my room was my canvas growing up and i cherished it – spent hours with the music blasting and paint bucket in hand. and i didn’t just paint in the confines of my room – i also painted anything i could get my hands on.

i grew up in a victorian house on main street in NH that had a lovely (useless) barn attached to it. we had a lot of random things in that barn and old furniture was one of them. i used to go into the barn, find some interesting piece of furniture, and then paint the heck out of it. i did this so often that my dad finally banned me from the barn – i guess he wanted to keep some of the furniture in it’s original state…and though i love me some nice painted furniture i don’t blame him one bit. so thanks parents. you fostered my creativity since day one and i couldn’t be more thankful for your support in the arts. photo credit goes to my mom – who lied down on the floor last week to take pictures of the ceiling for me.  it’s still there. (p.s. check out that light fixture…circa 1920’s, maybe?)




hubby and i celebrated our anniversary the other week. “celebrated light” if you will…with the move and the kids and the lack of sleep we’ve decided to bank up our days for a time when we can venture off just the two of us to a far off land and lay by a pool and read…FOR HOURS. oh my gosh…that was such a run-on sentence but i just went to my happy place and couldn’t stop. ok, i’m back. anyway, by celebrated i mean, he bought me flowers. and i did…well, nothing for him in return. and he’s cool with it. it’s awesome. one of the (ah-em many) qualities he loves about me is that i am TERRIBLE with dates. which means i usually don’t remember our anniversary until his mother or my mother asks us, about a week before, “what are you two doing next week? any plans?” to which my response (and his) is usually, “ahh…what’s next week?” anyway, so he has zero expectations from me and i have zero from him. it works. especially at this point in our lives. can you say three kids three and under?  yeah, sometimes it’s hard for me to say too. ;)

anyway…so he bought me these flowers and I LOVE THEM. did i mention i LOVE THEM???!?!?!?  he knows me. he knew i would start drooling the second he walked in with them. simple. colorful. BEAUTIFUL. well done hubby. i also love that he told me the price and he’s all…these things were only like 8 bucks, such a good deal huh? (romantic, i know) and i was all…8 bucks! let’s get flowers EVERY WEEK! (which we haven’t and that is just fine). so here’s mexico inspiration blog post numero dos….anniversary flowers. ahh….drink in the colors my friends.

jana lamberti mexico inspiration blog post flowers

when living in a different country – post about said different country. so that’s what i am going to do. mexico is different than northern va (no way, you say?) true. it is. and visually it’s A LOT different. so i’ve decided a new blog series needs to happen. welcome to my first “mexico inspiration” blog post series (clever title, huh?) thanks, i know. ;) so here goes…

our first weekend here we decided to venture out – so we went for a walk. at that stage in the game going for a walk was, in fact, an adventure. everything is different here – the sidewalks – the roads (don’t even get me started on the driving…) – the plants – the architecture – you get my point. on our walk i noticed this wall and i feel in love. yes, a run down wall with weird drips and cement and whatever else. but i liked it. a lot. so i took a pic and told hubby that i was going to paint this…somehow, someway, someday. so here it is…my first mexico inpspiration pic. you like? i do.




blue trees. por que no? (means, “why not?” for all you non-Spanish speakers…myself included). a few months back – ok more than a few months (maybe even last year), i completed this commission. at first when Casey said, ‘i’d like blue trees’ i was all…(in my head) “blue trees? BLUE trees? how is that going to work/look?” but i LOVED the color blue she choose. that was key.  and in the end, it didn’t just “work” it looked pretty fantastic on her walls (thanks to her color choice, again…and the shadowbox frame–a fave of mine). so needless to say, i love how the piece turned out.  girl knew what she was talking about.

so here are the pics. thanks Casey for welcoming a small part of me into your home.


jana lamberti silk art commission blue trees 2


jana lamberti silk art commission blue trees 3

aren’t those chocolate brown walls yummy? i kinda want to eat them. i know, weird.



had a baby. moved to Mexico. you know, the normal stuff. ;) ha. baby is just shy of 4 months old and is a rock star. the move has gone well…as well as moving internationally with two toddlers and one baby can go. and the studio is almost set up…we had a slight set back yesterday due to hail. yes, hail. and lots of rain…in the studio…because yours truly forgot to shut the massive sliding glass doors/windows/whatever the heck you call these things. they are large and come with bars and a touch of barbed wire – nice don’t you think? hey, at least we’re safe.

have a few projects in the works already…some commissions, a new series (inspired by, what else, mexico), planning a show locally, and who knows what else. seems like something is always coming along when i don’t expect it. thankful for that.

but for now, some pics of the new casa, our life (aka little ones) and the studio. enjoy.

the new casa – you think this bad boy doesn’t have windows/light? just you wait…
Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm back Casa
our front “door”
Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm Back Front Door
the courtyard
Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm Back Courtyard

 stairway to heaven? maybe. or maybe just our 2nd floor. and can you see the light?!?! all indirect and wonderful.Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm Back Casa Stairs

mexico photo shoot with my little ladies
Jana Lamberti silk art blog post i'm back nanas
my clan
Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm Back Kiddos
enchiladas verde or something like that – AH-MAZE-ING
Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm Back Food
half of the (messy) studio – right after the rains came…oops, my bad
Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm Back Studio Mess
my view from where i sit in the studio (sorta)- i think bars & barbed wire give it a nice & cozy feeling, don’t you?
Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm Back View
and this guy? he winked at me the other weekend at an “artisan fair” so i brought him home – we’ve been getting along just great
Jana Lamberti Silk Art Blog Post I'm Back Gordito

he’s here!  ten days early, born on 5.6.14, and weighing in at 9lbs 3oz (thank god he was early) – Burke Lorts.

we like him a lot.

burke 800

the curator of the show “rooted” that i talked about last month wanted me to make a signature piece to be the first thing seen by conference attendees.  he loved my trees i piece, and asked if i could make it bigger.  i said how big.  he said big.  i asked if 3 3/4 ft. by 6 1/2 ft. might work.  he said yup.  check it out.  children included for scale.  my “ta-da” didn’t quite make it in…though the belly did (of course).

trees xv

…to mexico city!  and my studio is coming with me!  yup.  crazy. for my husband’s job with the State Department.  we’ve heard great things about the city – art scene, pyramids, food!!!  

and i’m really looking forward to seeing how my work will be influenced by my new surroundings. maybe i’ll start painting a lot of traffic. ha. or maybe my colors will get brighter ( if that’s even possible)? or maybe everything will be inspired by avocados? who knows… but bring it.   once baby boy (and the rest of us) are sleeping and mildly rested, the silk and dye are coming out.  and i’ll continue accepting commissions anywhere from clients stateside and worldwide–one of the many things i love about silk is ease of shipping.

a sample of some of the sights below.


a skyline shot.



the Cathedral.


Palacio de las Bellas Artes México

Museum of Fine Arts (translation: Palacio de las Bellas Artes)



Museum of Modern Art (translation: Museo de Arte Moderno…thank you capt. obvious)

i have some exciting news–other than baby boy’s upcoming arrival–to share before i officially sign off on artistic maternity leave–so stay tuned. for now….enjoy some pics below of the past art showing. i was asked to be the featured artist at a conference in Alexandria, VA – over 400 people attended.

loved that the theme of the conference was “rooted”– curator for the event loved my work so much (blush, blush) that it took up the entire front entry way of the building. and the featured piece…that basically hit you in the face the second you walked through the front doors…was large to say the least. over 7ft long (stay tuned). painting pregnant was awesome…no, no it wasn’t. but you gotta do what you gotta do.  still, was a blast to play around with scale and colors on a few new (and big) pieces.  and yes, i avoided the belly smear.  pics below – it was bring your kids to work day…therefore a lot of little curly heads ended up in the pictures. oh well. they are just as cute, if not cuter than the work itself. ;)  

Art show 4 800mom say cheese…yes she was trying to take a picture of me while i was taking a picture of her. that’s how it works. duh.

Art show 2 800they were “helping” me measure.


Art show 1 800Photo-bombed by daughter, Pace.


so there is a reason why i’ve been MIA. i’m pregnant. had a show end of march that was my focus during the month of march (odd faced – me – pregnant pic below…stay tuned for more). i’m pregnant. been working on finishing up some commissions before i take some time off because, did i mention, i’m pregnant? before i had kids i was one of those who thought life just went on as normal when you got pregnant…HA! oh ignorance is bliss.

i’m less than a month away from having this little guy and all of me is now consumed with thinking about…him. how will he enter the world?!?! how will i deal with him entering the world?!?!?! and how my world is going to drastically change…again…after he comes (i.e. and will change for the not yet 3 year old and 20mth old big sisters as well). life is about to get cra cra (I recently read an article that said people over 30 shouldn’t say cra cra…well, there, i said it). art for now…and after baby boy comes will be at a stand still. one of the perks of having your own business – when you have babies – you can press the pause button. and when your bandwidth starts opening up again…you press play – definitely a perk.

ah this picture. i claim the curly head girl on the left. and isn’t it fitting that this post is about a baby boy coming and there’s a whole lot of blue in this pic? coincidence., maybe….maybe not.

Art show 3 800

a dear friend, and a design mogul herself, fell in love with the piece after she saw it at my house. i have to say i’m a sucker for the colors in this piece. love the way they bleed together and flatter one another.  unframed image here.  note it’s oriented differently because that’s the beauty of silk…with some pieces, there’s no right side up.

this piece was also in a show back in summer of 2012.  even though i had others interested in purchasing it, it was already spoken for. i told my friend she made a good call in buying it during a sneak peek at my place. here it is in all its “on the wall” glory.

jana lamberti silk art strata susan blog post 1

(the photography (or lack thereof) was done by yours truly. so if it doesn’t look professional…guess what? it isn’t. which drives me nuts but a girl can’t have this type of art business, juggle little munchkins ,and be a professional photographer all at the same time. or maybe i can. i’ll have to look into that.) ;)


i’m starting a new series of posts entitled “on the wall.” i think it’s really important to put my work in context – for you all to see it as art with presence – not as another image on your screen. and silk being silk, it’s difficult for some to visualize the images in my gallery as actual, framed (or not) art hanging on the wall. so as much as i can photograph – or have someone else photograph – their piece of mine up on their walls – i will post. first one up…tree of life.

hello tree of life.  there you are  – up on the wall – in your own home. speaking of home, check out this home below: a condo in downtown chicago that is just a few blocks away from Michigan Ave, with unbelievable windows and amazing views of both navy pier and the city. it’s gorgeous. my piece below sits in the the entry way  – walk through their front door and bam…there it is, smiling at you.  second pic is if you walk down the hall on the left and look out onto their stunning views.  had to show that too. a closer image of the tree piece can be seen here. glad to see it go to a good home (or should i say, awesome home). enjoy folks.

jana lamberti silk art tree commission chicago condo

jana lamberti slik art tree commission chicago condo

every couple of months i get together with this fantastic, uber-talented group of creative women. writers, photographers, painters, letter press stationary-makers, one gal even creates documentaries.  each gathering we discuss a topic – what do you love about your area of expertise? what do you hate about your expertise? and so on.

our last discussion revolved around the question “what is your muse?” now, for those of you not using the word “muse” in your everyday life (i.e. me), a muse is something that inspires:  a word, object, person…really anything that inspires you. at first blush, i thought, well, nature of course…which is very evident when looking at my seascape gallery, my trees gallery, or my azure gallery. but then my husband got involved.  he agreed that nature was one of my muses but that something else, very clear, was consistently showing up in my work.

so i’m going to do the same thing with you as i did with my group. i brought the below pieces as reflections of my muse. then i had them guess. i’ll let you guess too – as much as it takes you to scroll down through the pics – and then i’ll spill it. keep in mind: these are abstract pieces i painted  separately over several years (i.e., there is no intentional “series” or “gallery” here, people)

jana lamberti silk art abstract vii (800x796)

jana lamberti silk art abstract iii (787x800)

jana lamberti silk art abstract viii (795x800)

jana lamberti silk art floral v (800x765)

let me give you a little clue. i’ve been pregnant for, basically, the past three years. bingo, fertility. please note above eggs and sperm, if you haven’t already. like i said….i didn’t really know i was painting like this until after the pieces were long finished. oh, hello subconscious there you are. ironically enough, when i showed the group the pieces, i also showed them my new belly (announcement of baby #3) –  it was pretty good timing if i do say so myself.

and if we are getting personal here, which we are, i was told i might not be able to have children (by one of the leading infertility specialist in the country) and that if i wanted kids we needed to start trying right away. well, we got married, started trying, and basically haven’t stopped – with great success, thank god. we wanted a big family and thank god our wishes are coming true…just at a ridiculously rapid pace for fear my “window” will start to close.

which means, when i paint, i am usually pregnant.  sometimes pregnancy and art don’t go that well together – i.e. i want to fall asleep on the paintings.  but sometimes, as seen in the above images, it inspires me to create images from the depths of my being, images i didn’t even know were there. regardless, i’m thankful for these images and for this amazing miracle of a process. even if i do want to fall asleep while typing this. baby boy is coming…in only three months. here. we. go. again!