jana lamberti silk artist about

The Artist
Jana first expressed her fascination with color by painting whatever she wanted on the walls (and ceiling) of her bedroom growing up in New Hampshire. This led to collegiate studies in fine arts and sculpture. But something was missing—texture. So she swapped coasts, studied fashion design, and worked in the clothing industry for a few years designing cashmere sweaters and other apparel. There she first encountered silk as a medium.

Her passion for color and texture is matched only by her love for sharing it with others. Jana headed back to the northeast for an M. Ed in Arts and Learning, five years in higher education and several more teaching art. Throughout, Jana never stopped creating and selling art, and decided to shift focus back to her artistic career.

Jana’s diverse background prompted some initial soul searching on medium. Classes in oil painting and figure drawing—and much artist existential angst—led to a glorious “aha” moment after spending her first day interacting with dye and silk. The colors, their interplay with the fabric, captivated her, and compels her to the studio.

The Art
Silk exhibits colors at their most vibrant and dynamic. The colors’ movement and interaction enable maximum freedom in the creative process, matching Jana’s focused yet unfettered style. Within a palette, she is as eager to let the dye interact and comingle, to let the colors guide her, as she is to put brush to silk. Jana takes much inspiration from nature, both in the particular images around her as well as the deeper forms.

Silk art can be displayed in multiple ways, including traditional matte & frame, gel medium on canvas, or with raw edges showing to emphasize the fabric. Jana will display each silk to best compliment and accentuate the distinctive attributes of that piece. If you have a particular preference on your piece, please let her know.

Jana gladly accepts commissions. She will work with you throughout to meld your ideas into her creative processes, welcoming your thoughts on size, color, means of display, and display location.